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Michael Welti

Managing Partner / Banque Heritage

The reward of receiving honey from my adopted bee family is incredible.
My friend has created ApiTerra CH, producing honey high up on the mountain, far away from pollution and industrial influence, starting a program to adopt a bee family for one year! Every year I get my own honey as a reward and doing something good for the #environment
This is true #impact

Corrado DM

Deputy Chief Executive Officer at DG1.com

We are proud to have adopted a family of bees, thus making our own small contribution thanks to https://apiterra.ch/ , which together with https://dg1.com/ promotes the adoption of bee families.

Emily Tait

Private Banking Headhunter - Head of Americas

ApiTerra naturally sources honey from bees they keep in the Swiss Alps over 1.5k meters above ground to protect them from pollution.
Pesticide-free and away from industrial areas, they choose the best places to keep their bees to create the most beautiful, pure honey

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