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Whether you are interested in natural medicine, beekeeping, or simply appreciate the beauty of a unique tree, the Evodia is definitely worth learning more about.

Honey production

The Evodia tree, also known as the Bee Bee tree or Korean Evodia, is a favorite among beekeepers as it produces an abundance of nectar that honeybees love. The honey made from the nectar of the Evodia tree has a unique and delicious flavor.

Attracts pollinators

The tree is a great source of food for bees and other pollinators. Its flowers are small and delicate, but they appear in large clusters that bloom throughout the summer, providing a reliable source of nectar for bees and butterflies.

Traditional Chinese medicine

The bark and fruit of the Evodia tree have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat a variety of ailments such as headaches, stomachaches, migraines and rheumatoid arthritis.

Medicinal properties

In addition to its traditional use in Chinese medicine, the Evodia tree has been studied for its potential health benefits. Some studies have shown that evodiamine may have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, though more research is needed to confirm these findings.

Natural insect repellent

The tree's bark and leaves contain a compound called evodiamine, which has natural insect repellent properties. This compound is used in many natural insect repellent products and is considered safe and effective.

Landscaping value

The Evodia tree is an attractive ornamental tree that is great for landscaping. It has a rounded, compact shape and can grow up to 30 feet tall. In the fall, the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red, adding a splash of color to any landscape.

The Evodia tree is a unique and fascinating plant with a range of interesting features, from its medicinal properties to its use in perfumes.

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