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How can I see and get information about my tree?

When you adopt or donate a tree, we add it to the appropriate page on our website. You will be able to see geolocation and photos of your tree at least once a season.
Each year we will send you an annual report on the work we have done in the forest, the development of the forest, and our plans for the future.
But most importantly, our forest is open to you. That means you can come and visit your tree at any time. Just agree with us the time of your visit on the online form.

Is the tree I am adopting already planted or will it be planted in the future?

We plant trees in harmony with the weather and the time of year. We have already planted over 2,000 trees this year, so your tree is obviously already planted.

If the demand for our trees turns out to be higher than we expected, we have a pre-registration system for next season so that everyone can adopt trees and make a lasting contribution to the vital work of our planet's forests to absorb carbon dioxide.

Why do we need to plant trees at all?

Forests perform essential functions on our planet:
- Absorb CO2
- Purify the air
- Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity
- Serve as a source of raw materials.
- Create jobs
- Contribute to the restoration of damaged lands
- Filter water
- Benefit agriculture
- Provide resources for medicine.

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